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Dasa and Amil Close Major Hospital Merger Agreement

Stochhe Forbes advised DASA and Lefosse was counsel to Amil



Dasa Amil merger
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Brazil’s Dasa Amil merger was officially announced today, leading to the creation of a joint venture named Ímpar Serviços Hospitalares.

This significant step in the Brazilian healthcare sector involves both companies holding equal 50% shares in the new entity. This strategic alliance aims at enhancing the healthcare services offered to patients by leveraging the strengths and resources of both organizations.

Amil will contribute hospitals and oncology clinics from its Rede Americas network, except for Hospital Promater and Hospital Monte Klinikum. It will include 11 hospitals primarily located in the Southeast region and the Federal District, encompassing a total of 1,600 hospital beds.

The financial implications of the Dasa Amil merger are substantial, with the combined net revenue of the joint venture estimated at BRL$ 9.9 billion or $1.8 billion U.S. dollars. Additionally, the estimated EBITDA for 2023 is projected to be around BRL$ 777 million, highlighting the economic viability and potential growth of the new venture. This financial strength will enable Ímpar Serviços Hospitalares to invest in advanced medical technologies and improve the overall quality of healthcare services.

The Dasa Amil Merger into the Future

This Dasa Amil combination represents a transformative moment for both Dasa and Amil, as it allows them to expand their reach and capabilities in the healthcare market. By joining forces, the companies aim to set new standards in patient care, operational efficiency, and medical innovation. The collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving long-term success and sustainability in the healthcare industry.

The Esquires and the Firms Behind the Deal

Stocche Forbes Advogados advised DASA in the Dasa Amil merger.

Guilherme Forbes and Rafael Andrade in Dasa Amil merger
G. Forbes e R. Andrade

The deal team included partners Guilherme Forbes, Fabiano Marques Milani, Ricardo Peres Freoa, Rafael Andrade, Igor Finzi and Matheus Campos, and associates André Penna Bandeira de Mello, Luis Filipe Ferreira da Costa, Carolina Vilela Marcondes Machado and Pedro Rocha Ferreira.

Lefosse Advogados advised Amil in the Dasa Amil merger.

Carlos Mello in Dasa Amil merger
Carlos Mello

Lefosse deal team consisted in partners Carlos Mello, Laura Affonso and Leonardo Batista, associates Luana Torres, João Pedro Pizarro, Lucas Queiroz, Raquel Dotta, Douglas Vicensoto Fukuhara, Vinicius Salvino and Luiza Camarotto Mendonça.

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Firms Behind the Deals