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Snippets Markets’ Morning Call

[Wednesday, Nov. 24] the Snippets morning call



Snippets Morning Call
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Snippets Morning Call: A Snippet flash of the markets at this hour

The Snippets Markets Morning Call – [Wednesday, Nov. 24] – Asian stocks ended Wednesday’s session on a mixed basis, while Wall Street futures traded in the positive, very close to stability, as investors weighed the economic risks of tighter monetary policy while awaiting key US data as well as the latest Federal Reserve minutes.

MSCI’s Asia-Pacific stock index fell for a third day, especially undermined by Japanese equities, whose Nikkei index ended down 1.5%.

The prospect that the Fed can reduce stimulus more quickly to combat price pressures has dampened expectations of inflation in the US bond market, although its rates remain high.

Inflation dampening is now at center stage for policymakers posing a test for markets as “pandemic era” currency settings are becoming more restrictive.

An important topic for the FED minutes concerns discussions around criteria for a faster reduction in asset purchases. Inflation trends suggest the Fed needs to start tightening monetary policy earlier than previously signaled

Indices of the main markets at this hour:

🇺🇸 S&P Futures -0,40%
🇩🇪 DAX -0,73%
🇺🇸 Nasdaq 100 -0,37%
🇬🇧 FTSE -0,11%
🇫🇷 CAC -0,47%
🛢 Oil Brent -0,34%
🛢 Oil WTI -0,24%
💵 US$/BRL +0,26%
🇺🇸 S&P VIX +2,03%
🇺🇸 US Tech -0,38%
💰 Bitcoin +0,26%
💲 Ethereum +2,37%

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